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How To Ship Your Luggage Home



Whether you’re a solo traveler who enjoys bringing home souvenirs, a professional who wants to bring home conference swag, or you’re a parent looking for ways to lighten your heaps of luggage on vacation, we’ve all dealt with the same situation. You pack meticulously for your trip and everything fits perfectly in your suitcase, then you buy souvenirs or your dirty clothes don’t seem to fit as nicely as before. Repacking can be a nightmare, and Packd is the simple solution.

The Packd Process Is Simple

Packd sends you a pre-labeled, pre-paid mailing bag that you take with you on your trip. You can purchase a single bag, a set of bags, or give the gift of convenient travel with a gift card on our shop page.

When your laundry has piled up in your room or you’ve inevitably purchased new clothes that you don’t have room for in your suitcase, simply throw the clothes in your Packd Bag (ensuring no accessories or non-clothing items are inside) and seal it.

Then you have the option to drop off your bag at the front desk of your hotel, bring it to a USPS location, or schedule a free pick-up at the location where you’re staying. Since the bags are pre-labeled and pre-purchased, your Packd bags will be mailed to your home and require nothing more from you! In three to seven days, your clothes will be waiting for you. There’s no simpler or more inexpensive way to ship your luggage home.

Since our bags are 100% recyclable, we also offer 10% off your next purchase if you take a picture of yourself recycling the bag and tag us!

If you have any questions about Packd and our space-saving travel solution for shipping your luggage home, visit our FAQ page where you can find answers to common questions from our customers.