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Travel Hacks

At Packd, we’re dedicated to making travel easier and less stressful while also making a social and environmental impact. Here are our top travel hacks for packing and more!

Use Your Carry-On Space

Most airlines will allow each occupant a carry-on item for free that’s separate from your checked bags. Utilize this space! If you pack efficiently, carry-ons can hold clothes, snacks, and many items you wouldn’t otherwise save space for.

Use Public Transportation When Possible

Public transportation is not only a cost-effective way of getting around, but it’s a chance to meet locals. Since public transportation is not always the most direct route, you’ll also get the opportunity to see more of the location you’re visiting and enjoy the sights.

Pack Refillable Containers

If you pack reusable water bottles, travel-sized shampoo and conditioner bottles, and other containers, then you can simply refill them when they run out instead of packing extra. You’re also doing the ecosystem a favor by using reusable containers!

Live Like a Local

Take advantage of local markets, hole-in-the-wall shops, and the areas of town that house fewer tourists. Living like the locals will make you feel more ingrained in your location, and it’s an excellent way to experience the heart of a city. 

Save Space by Mailing Home Luggage

Use a service like Packd to mail your dirty clothes home to make space in your luggage for extra purchases. This is a great way to avoid extra airline baggage fees if you’re a person who loves bringing home lots of souvenirs or you’re traveling with your family and need ways to save space.

We hope these travel hacks will save you time and energy on your next trip so you can enjoy yourself and your surroundings without stressing. Travel is a luxury, so enjoy it and see all there is to see!