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Tips for Traveling With Kids

Any parent knows that traveling with kids guarantees some added stress. Sure, it will all be worth it once you get there, but here are some general tips for traveling with kids to make your trip as stress-free and enjoyable as possible!

Pack Lots of Snacks!

Sometimes things don't go as planned, and you may end up waiting longer in between meals. To avoid hungry, cranky kids (and adults), pack plenty of snacks! Most parents know that snacks can make or break a trip!

Allow Yourselves Extra Time

Even if you plan out everything to the minute, sometimes things go wrong, which is especially true when you’re traveling with kids! When planning your trip, allow yourself extra time, not just in case plans change, but also so that you can enjoy your time with your children. Nobody wants to be rushed and stressed on their trip.

Dress in Layers

When traveling by air, dressing in layers is a good idea. Temperatures in airplanes change frequently, so to avoid riffling through your luggage to find extra hoodies and sweaters for your kids, have them bundle up initially so they can adjust in-flight.

Look for Child Discounts

Airplanes, hotels, theme parks, public transportation, and restaurants often discount prices for children. Plan ahead by researching where you can get the best deals in the area you’re traveling! Some airlines may not offer child rates online, but will give you the discount if you call to add the child to your reservation afterward.

Send Luggage Home for Extra Space

Whether we’re solo traveling or we’ve got the kids in tow, everyone has had the experience of packing everything meticulously to fit in their bag. Then at the end of the trip, all of the dirty laundry and added souvenirs won’t fit in the suitcase. Packing can quickly become a nightmare with kids. Consider sending your dirty laundry home to save space in your suitcase with a service like Packd.

Regardless of your reason for traveling, it’s easy to stress and forget to enjoy yourself and your kids. We hope these tips for traveling with kids and packing hacks can help you plan for a fun, tantrum-free trip!